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The center of information for all things regarding role play. Rules, regulations, new member guides, lore, clan census information, and site features can be found here.
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Lore Hub, Records, Site Features
News related to OOC and role play can be found here
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Character Applications
A place to post character applications to be approved by admins before you can begin role play. Please use the form provided in this board to create an application, as well as going over the rules for character creation, and the taken name list.
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Long Term Work in Progress, Pending Changes
Accepted Applications
Accepted applications will be moved here.
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ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, Loners, Rogues, & Kittypets
Create your own plotting page for your characters and explore other's plots.
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Wanted Ads, Kit Litters
Create your own development board for various things such as posting tables, muse boards, extended character histories, and much more. A form to request your own personal development board can be found inside.
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Aria's Ensemble, Cawn's Cove, fox's dev board, Grim's Bookshelf, rj's rockin' ranch, Vae's Void, Ven's Chaos, Voca's Vanity


ThunderClan Camp
Tucked away within the security of a ravine, ThunderClan's camp resides deep within the forest. Clan meetings occur on the Highrock, and most dens are underneath bushes or fallen trees.
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ThunderClan Territories
Under the thick cover of deciduous woodland, ThunderClan cats can find plentiful squirrels, mice, and various birds. Watch out for adders when traversing Snakerocks, and enjoy practicing to climb on the Great Sycamore. To the south, the territory is bordered by an expansive Twolegplace
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RiverClan Camp
From the security of a drained island, RiverClan's camp can only be reached by swimming, making it a very safe place. Clan meetings occur in the clearing. Dens are created with tightly woven reeds.
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RiverClan Territories
Open plains scored by flowing rivers make up the majority of RiverClan's territory. Fish from the river serve as their primary source of fresh-kill, though they will also eat mice and other land-dwelling creatures. RiverClan cats can enjoy stretching out on Sunningrocks, though be prepared to defend the land! Take care to avoid the gorge, because a fall could prove fatal.
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ShadowClan Camp
In a muddy hollow completely surrounded by a prickly wall of brambles, ShadowClan's camp is very secure. Leaders address the Clan from the Clanrock, and dens can be found under bushes, in caves, or beneath tree roots.
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ShadowClan Territories
Mostly made up of marshy wetland, this territory is fairly sparse. Only a few pine trees extend to the skies. Along with the traditional mice, ShadowClan prey includes frogs and lizards. The Burnt Sycamore is a great place for apprentices to learn how to hunt and stalk, and carrionplace provides a food source in dire times.
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WindClan Camp
Located in a sandy hollow surrounded by gorse, WindClan's camp is significantly more open than others. Always preferring the open air, most cats don't sleep in dens, though the nursery and elders den are sheltered by the wall of gorse. Meetings are held at the Tallrock.
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WindClan Territories
An open expanse of moorland, WindClan's territory is always alive with rabbits and graced by powerful winds. Beneath the surface, an intricate system of tunnels provide secret transportation, and just beyond the reach of their land is a farm.
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ThunderClan & RiverClan
The forest is sliced by a perilous river, and Sunningrocks marks one of the most contested territories in the forest
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ThunderClan & ShadowClan
Divided by a large Thunderpath, keep your eyes peeled for monsters. Tunnels that dip beneath the surface offer safer crossing
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Nov 9, 2020 1:44:03 GMT
ShadowClan & WindClan
Marked by an expansive thunderpath, crossing is far easier via tunnels that stretch beneath the surface.
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WindClan & RiverClan
Steep cliffs overlook both sides of the dividing river, making this border difficult to cross
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Sacred & Neutral Territories

Four Trees
On the night of the full moon, all four clans gather here to share tongues and news. A truce is held, although it's not always upheld
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High Stones
A sacred place where cats communicate with StarClan. Medicine cats meet every half-moon to share tongues with their ancestors, leaders come here to receive their nine lives, and it is a rite of passage for every apprentice to make the journey here
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Located south of ThunderClan's and RiverClan's territories, twolegplace is marked with heavy twoleg activity and the presence of monsters and kittypets
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Loner Lands
Beyond the borders of clan territory lie the loner lands, where cats who live independently from the clans or Twolegplace may reside
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Spiritual Realms
The realms of other planes of existence can be role played here. Whether your character finds themselves among the ranks of StarClan, or forsaken to the darkness of the Dark Forest.
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The Past

Back In Time
Any role play thread not taking place in the current moon of role play goes here. This is a great opportunity to role play important moments in your character's past, establish existing relationships, and develop a richer site lore
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General Discussion
You can talk about anything here.
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Introductions, Absences, Forum Games, Miscellaneous Role Play
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A library of BoW's history is stored here.
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